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The Company markets a range of its own special purpose machines for use in the food and packed goods industry, to include:

Carton Coding Units Providing a simple low-cost solution
Conveyors and Elevators Designed and built to individual needs
Heat Sealing Jaws For any V.F.F. Machine, also re-cutting of jaws
Film Perforators Obviates the high cost of pre-perforated film
Flavour Applicators To apply at a point or as a 'curtain'
Printing Foil For any make of printer
Hole Punch Attachments For most V.F.F. Machines
Hot Foil Over-printers Various models to suit most applications
Machine Spares For many popular packaging and other machines
Oil Pump and Spray Head Apply oil and powder mixes in accurate Quantities
Potato/Vegetable Slicers For effective straight slicing
Printer Mounting Brackets For any make of printer of packaging machine
Printing Type, Logos, Bar Code Fitters etc. For any make of printer, in any language
Slurry Mixer Applicators For instantaneous mixing and application
Tumble Drums Various sizes and types
Type Holders and Rotary Code Boxes For any make of printer
Web Arrestor Units To fit onto any packaging machine

Hot Foil Over-printers

Rotormotion Hot Foil Overprinting is the most cost effective method of imposing high definition 'best before' dates and product coding onto product packaging.

We proudly present our range of Hot Foil Over-printers, which we have designed, manufactured and supplied to many industries over the years. We have installed our printers in most leading snack food manufacturers in the U.K., including Walkers Crisps, Golden Wonder, United Biscuits, KP Foods etc, plus overseas.

Print Areas

Model 400 30 mm x 45 mm
Model 32 60 mm x 85 mm
Model 425 65 mm x 100 mm
Model 44 75 mm x 100 mm

For Coding and Dating

RMML Printers are capable of printing packaging on the majority of production lines, and on almost any material. Our printers offer high definition print images in a wide range of sizes and variety of typefaces.

Prints Per Minute

Model 400 Up to 140 p.p.m.
Model 32 Up to 120 p.p.m.
Model 425 Up to 100 p.p.m.
Model 44 Up to 100 p.p.m.

Product Flexibility

Whatever the packaged product, you can trust RMML to have a printer to suit your packaging system. Our Printers are designed for flexibility, variable speeds and Low maintenance. Repairs/replacements can be carried out on the line to alleviate costly 'down time'.

Model 32
Model 32

Type and Foil

We also offer a range of Printing Type and Foil for use with our printers and many other makes of Printers.

Printing Consumables

Type Holders and Type

Rotormotion machine cut brass or steel type prints the ultimate impression. Especially designed for Hot Foil Overprinting, our fitters are machined to precise limits with each character individually engraved and hand finished to ensure a perfect print is achieved time after time.

Over 100 different type face styles are available from our extensive range. We can also supply Company Logos, Dies, Die Chases and Type in any language.

Pre-Heater Units are available for all Rotormotion Over-printers. These enable the Type Holder to be preheated to the correct temperature, ready for an “instant” changeover of type, thereby shortening downtime.

Printing Foil

We supply a large range of Printing Foil at very competitive prices. Almost any colour including Gold, Silver or Bronze, supplied in boxed quantities. Most orders are despatched within one week, carriage paid inland.

We supply Printing Foil for any make of printer whether it be 'Hot Foil' or 'Thermal'. Also, we can test your packaging materials to achieve optimum performance.

Film Perforator

Our Film Perforator has been designed to end the need of buying expensive pre-perforated packaging material, as they allow the perforating to be carried out 'on-line'. Thereby, dramatically reducing packaging costs.

It was primarily intended for use in the perishable goods industry, especially fruit, vegetable and bakery products. Recently, we have installed our 'Free Wheeling Perforators' onto crisp and snack production lines for perforating 'Multi-Bags' to discard trapped surplus air. This product also operates at the speed of customers own machine.

Free Wheeling Perforator
Free Wheeling Perforator
Printing Foil
Printing Foil
Type Holders and Type
Type Holders and Type

Flavour Applicators / Powder Dispensers

Rotormotion have many years experience in the manufacture and supply of machinery to dispense flavouring powders and salt. This places us in an ideal position to assess the changing needs of the industry. In response to these changes, we are pleased to introduce our new flavour applicator. The new unit includes radical and detail changes which have dramatically improved performance.

Using a spare hopper, auger and auger tube, flavour changes can now be carried out with the aid of a simple tool in less than five minutes. All hoppers, augers and auger tubes are interchangeable between different machines allowing maximum flexibility.

Medium Powder Dispenser
Medium Powder Dispenser

Standard Features

10:1 auger speed range.
Simple rotary control for auger speed.
Separate controls for agitator and auger.

Hoppers: Small 12.5 litres
  Medium 27 litres
  Large 55 litres

100 mm auger projection.
Full range of augers to give flows from 0.1-6 litres per minute.

Optional Extras

Low level warning system.
Hopper full sensor.
Additional auger protection (up to 800 mm).
Enhanced delivery control for 4-20 ma or 0-10 volt signals.
Integrated controls for our scarf feeders.
Extra hopper capacity - up to 100 litres and more.

Curtain Tray

The Rotormotion Curtain tray Feeder is intended to be used in conjunction with a Rotormotion Flavour Applicator.

The unit comprises of a rigid 'U' section tray mounted on a vibrating feeder. The tray out-feed end is cut at an angle to form an even ‘curtain’ of seasoning.

Using a Rotormotion Flavour Applicator, the correct amount of seasoning should be deposited at the in-feed end of the tray. The action of the vibrating feeder moves the seasoning along the tray until it arrives at the weir, it then spreads laterally out to the edges of the tray and builds up until the depth of seasoning is the same as the height of the weir. As the seasoning travels along the tray it falls off the angled cut as an even curtain.

Curtain tray
Curtain tray

Our Curtain Tray Feeders can be supplied in many different lengths to suit individual customer requirements. The unit is factory set and requires no adjustment.

Oil Pump and Spray Head Unit

The Rotormotion Oil Pump and Spray Head Unit is intended to be used in conjunction with the Rotormotion Flavour Applicator and Curtain Tray.

To complement these units we have developed a range of cost effective, variable speed fluid pumps. These pumps can be used in tandem with the Rotormotion Air Atomising Spray Head to apply edible oils and/or and powder mixes directly onto snack foods and other products.

The basic unit uses a peristaltic pump coupled to a variable speed motor with simple rotary speed control.

The size of the aperture in the spray head and the flexibility of the delivery tube can be balanced to give a spray of fine droplets with minimum misting - whilst at the same time being virtually free of pulsing.

Oil Pump and Spray Head Unit
Oil Pump and Spray Head Unit

The unit can be sized to deliver very small quantities - as little as 50 millimetres per minute for such applications as glazed roasted peanuts: up to quantities of 10 litres per minute, for large scale production of extruded maize type snack foods or chicken nuggets etc.

Slurry Unit

This compact unit has been specially developed to instantaneously mix and apply a flavouring slurry of oil and powder to snack foods and other products. It can effectively reduce costs and improve production, for it eliminates:

Slurry Unit
Slurry Unit

Food Production Tooling

Pastry Cutter
Pastry Cutter
Christmas Cutter
Christmas Cutter

We have many years of experience in specialised food production tooling manufacture, including full lines.

We are able to make one off and pre-production quantities of cutters, Teflon coated, etc. to our high standards with stringent quality control.

We work with your team to guarantee component compatibility to increase your production efficiency output and quality.

Potato/Vegetable Slicer

Our Potato/Vegetable Slicer is the first 'standard product' which Rotormotion manufactured when it was founded in 1967. It was designed for economy, simplicity and reliability.

Some of the features incorporated in the Rotormotion Potato/Vegetable Slicer are as follows:

Potato / Vegetable Slicer
Potato / Vegetable Slicer

Packaging Machine Spares

Heat Sealing Jaws

We manufacture Heat Sealing Jaws to suit most packaging machines to precision specifications.

Our jaws are manufactured using Mild Steel, Stainless Steel or Aluminium and can be 'finished' with an appropriate coating E.G. Our Mild Steel Jaws can be coated in Dull Hard Chrome and our Aluminium Jaws can be coated in either Black Anodised or Teflon.

Heat Sealing Jaws
Heat Sealing Jaws

We cut the teeth in crimps varying from:

16 T.P.I x 120° inclusive through to
12 T.P.I x 90° inclusive
12 T.P.I x 60° inclusive
12 T.P.I x 79° inclusive

Many jaws do not necessarily have to be replaced when their 'teeth' have become worn.
We offer a re-cutting and re-coating service which can prove very cost effective (can extend the life of a set of jaws by four times).

Packaging Machine Spares

Packaging Machine Spares
Packaging Machine Spares

We have a fully equipped machine shop with the capacity to manufacture high quality Packaging Machine Spares. We have produced Spares for the food industry for many years and are fully experienced in working with many types of materials which include:

We also endeavour to hold material stock which enable us to respond to customers urgent requirements, which was one of the principles on which the company was founded many years ago.

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